Mom’s M&M Cookies

When  was very young, my Mom would make M&M cookies. I had completely forgotten about them until I was in the bakery one day withy girls and saw them in the case. I bought one and at the first bite, memories came flooding back. I had never seen a recipe for them, I thought maybe Mom had found it on the back of the package. The bakery version would be good enough I told myself. Imagine my surprise when I was cleaning out Mom’s recipe stash and found this recipe file:

I opened it, not expecting much, but there it was, right under the forgotten cookie recipe(we’ll save that for another time), in Mom’s handwriting. I stood, alone in the house and cried a little bit. I had found a small piece of my childhood that I thought was lost forever.

Enough of the sad stuff, lets make some cookies!

I gathered up everything I needed. I followed the recipe exactly, this time.

Blended the shortening and sugars in the handy, dandy KitchenAid.

Add the eggs and vanilla, then mix them up well.

Pour in the dry ingredients.

Add in half of the M&M’s.

Stir them in by hand, mixing well.

Put them on a cookie sheet by teaspoonfuls, I covered with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Decorate them with the other half of the M&Ms. Yeah these are the bigger size that i made for my kids, forgot to take a pic of the smaller ones after they were decorated. Oops!

Mmmmm! looking good.

Ready for the taste test.

These are easy to make and so very yummy! Next time I will probably add a little extra vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Hope you enjoy them.

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